The AubSauce story began out of a conversation I had with my friend, Donna. A foodie's foodie who enjoyed culinary delights, she was searching for a peach-infused barbecue sauce recipe to pair with a pork loin she planned to cook. Gradually, our conversation morphed into a challenge: Could I create a barbecue sauce of my own? Since I've always thrived on challenges, I was determined to come up with a recipe that was not only good, but a true palate pleasure.

Sharing what I created with a few close friends and family, I heard the same but encouraging response: "You should sell this!"

For nearly a year, I spent weekends perfecting my barbecue sauce, and in my free time, I held tastings during the week. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive: "This is good," "I love it," "this is so unique; I've never tasted anything like this before," and my favorite: "where can I buy it?"

The positive responses and encouragement led me to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise the initial capital to bring AubSauce to market. I raised $10,000 — twice my $5,000 goal — and AubSauce was born.

It was in my native Birmingham, Ala. — my grandmother’s kitchen, specifically — that I learned how important good food was to forming lifelong close bonds with family and friends.

I am a fan of classic movies, musical theater, Wonder Woman, and all things beautiful. I reside in Decatur, Ga., along with Whitney, my dressmaker’s mannequin.